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Your Reddit submission was deleted? Here is what you should do now 👇

Getting your post removed by mods is frustrating Here is what you can do next time (other than reading the sub rules indeed).

1. Understand the sub - spend a couple of days reading and understanding what you can and can’t do in the sub. What is generally accepted? What is disliked?

2. Contact the mods. When In doubt, it is always better to contact the mods. Only if you did your homework before (reading the sub rules).

3. See if there are any rituals - like a weekly thread. It is generally a better place to talk about your product or to do self-promotion. Also if you need to promote your product - it is generally preferred to do it in the comments of your submission.

4. Don’t take it personally Reddit is anonymous & even if self-promotion is generally not well rewarded, go in there with an experiment-driven mindset.

If you still struggle to understand a specific sub — vote for the following subreddit you want an Unbundling Reddit report for. Vote in the comment section of the monthly report on Indie Hacker, which will drop soon! Follow us to stay in the loop!

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